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Product Name: coffee machineautomatic coffee machine
Supply Ability: 5000 sets
Specifications 60.5x45.8x(71+74)cm
Price Term: FOB
Port of loading: Qingdao
Minimum Order 10 sets
Unit Price: negotiable
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Dimensions:60.5x45.8x(71+74)cm (L,W,H)
Power supply:AC220V/50Hz
Power:1500w(heating)113w(cooling) /Eco mode
Heating function:Double heating pipe,stainless steel double insulation liner, high-tech anti-dry technology.
Cooling:electronic refrigeration system (3-7),energy saving,efficient,fast,continuous cooling.
Water volume:3.5L tank capacity,1.6Lheating,1.5L cooling
Bin capacity:4 buckets,can make different beverages according to your taste.
Bin No:1000g single box,4 hot drinks and 4 cold drinks
Prompt function:Voice prompt function,no cup,no water,no powder prompt functions.
Query function:count the cups of sale beverage automatically,the operator can inquire the quantity of each beverage.
No of paper cups:With double bucket automatic fall cup,it can deposit about 100-130 one-off environmental protection paper cups.
Paper cup specifications:6.5 ounces or 9 ounces special paper cups of coffee machine.
Payment:coins pay(Optional paper money or credit card)
Anti-counterfeiting identification:professional anti phishing coin mech,can identify the authenticity of a coin,and has anti fishing function.
Water supply way:water bucket on the top and automatic suction water function.
Infrared detection:infrared correction technique,prevent the cup get stuck,avoid beverage continue to flow out when the cup is not in place.
Price setting:can set the sale price of each drink separately
LCD:Chinese LCD display operation interface (english)
Coin box:800-1000 coins
Humidified air exhausting function:Automatic startup humidified air exhausting system,to ensure that the material is dry and extend its shelf life.
Voice function:voice prompt function,can adjust the volume
Energy-saving standby:When not in use the coffee machine to environmental protection and energy saving standby mode automatically
Safety:thickening metal shell,professional anti-theft lock,the machine will cut off power automatically and into standby mode when water shortage, cup shortage.
Set function:each beverages unit price, powder am

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